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About Us


Don Stacy left the Del Webb Corporation sales team to found the “The Stacy Group” in 1998. His vision was to fill the need for a quality Sun City resale specialist. He wanted a company that focused on Sun City sales and leases.

Our Sun City community has a very active resale market and the new home portion is number one in America for Del Webb/Pulte communities. As the only real restate company specializing in Sun City, Georgetown, Del Webb/Pulte honored The Stacy Group in 2011 by allowing us to establish the only sales location directly inside Sun City.

The Stacy Group’s only focus is Sun City, giving you the expert knowledge that you deserve. So whether your needs are new, resale, or rental homes, no other company can assist you better.

All of our property management services are designed to give both tenants and homeowners a quality experience they won’t find anywhere else. We offer short-term leases on all furnished homes and long-term lease on our unfurnished homes – the choice is truly yours.

Have you noticed our longhorn mascot? Madison is a symbol of strength, intelligence, and honor. He was created in memory of Don Stacy’s father, Madison Ray Stacy, who lost his life protecting our country and all our military past and current that sacrifice for us. We honor all of our military and appreciate what they do for us every day.